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There are more HTML tags than just div’s. You might be using more javascript than you need and everybody is lame sometimes.


For years I have been an advocate for writing good semantic HTML code that is accessible for everyone. With a touch of profound css to fancy it up and the least amount of javascript I can get away with I have tried to make the internet a better place.

Unfortunately clients and deadlines often are reason to step away from my ideal web for the sake of ‘getting shit done and getting it done yesterday!’ And every year when I visit a conference I am again inspired and reminded of my beliefs. I would like to share the following two talks with you because even though hacking the shit out of divs is fun any day, it should only be done responsibly or out of sheer desperation.

Inspiring talks

Rian Rietveld talks about HTML  and how you should stop using javascript for things html tags can do for free, my kind of woman. She also provides some useful tools to start checking your code for accessibility errors.

Adrian Roselli makes it personal. How do you sell accessibility to your clients. Why should a designer care about color contrast. Why developer should stop &:focus { outline: none; }.  Accessibility applies to everyone at some point in their life. Read this if you spend computer time with a sandwich, soda or dick sigarette  in your hand, if you are using a screen on summer holiday in the bright sun and cram up the brightness or come back from a skiing trip in a cast and can’t use a mouse.


Most of what is said should be part of our workflow, go do it, today. Some of it is open for discussion with you team or client. Start that conversation.


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